Our mission is to provide safe, high quality patient care in an atmosphere of professionalism, respect and effective communication. The Pharmacy Department is committed to fostering an environment that promotes the safe, efficacious and cost effective use of medication.


The Pharmacy Department is responsible for the purchasing, distribution and dispensing of medication to 128 in- patients at present. An extensive range of ward stock is topped up twice weekly by Pharmacy and non-stock items are ordered by the wards on a daily basis. Patients on High Tech medication and Insulin are requested to bring their own supply until Pharmacy can procure same.  Respite patients must supply all their medication for the duration of their stay. The pharmacy is also responsible for the safe disposal of all unused and out-of date medication within the hospital.  







Clinical services include

Prescription review: It is well documented that medical errors can occur due to transcription. We check prescriptions for interactions, dosage, strength, duration of therapy, and adverse reactions. The Pharmacy Department liases with the parent hospital to ensure continuity of pharmaceutical care for patients.

The Pharmacy is the centre for drug information and we provide advice on any query relating to medication from staff or patients.

Infection control is a priority and the Pharmacy Department has developed Antimicrobial Guidelines to ensure the proper use of antibiotics within the hospital.

Pharmacy hours

8.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday

Chief Pharmacist: Linda Murnane  lmurnane@ioh.ie

Senior Pharmacist: Niamh Ruane pharmacy@ioh.ie 

Pharmacist: Sarah Maxwell smaxwell@ioh.ie 

Phone: 8332521 ext 145 and ext 246

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