The Physiotherapy gym is located in the out-patient area of the hospital. There is a senior physiotherapist and a staff grade physiotherapist assigned to each ward.

All patients admitted to the hospital are referred for physiotherapy and an appropriate treatment plan and goals are agreed with the patient. Patients may have ward based or gym based physiotherapy threatment sessions, depending on their needs.

Group exercise classes are held on the ward daily. These classes  focusing on muscle strengthening, range of movement exercises, functional movement and health promotion advice. 

The daily gym based group exercise class also incorporates balance re-education, gait re-education in the parallel bars and on the ramp/steps and stairs with rails and relaxation techniques where relevant.

Our physiotherapy gym is well equipped and spacious and is ideally located at the front of the hospital, overlooking the hospital grounds where outdoor mobility can also be assessed and facilitated as required.

Physiotherapy staff actively participate in pertinent working groups, networks and committees such as the Dublin Hospital Older Persons Rehabilitation working group, the Forever Autumn Community of Practice Falls prevention network, the Mater Hospital Omega Project (On going management of the Elderly for discharge to rehabilitation) and the ISCP Chartered Physiotherapists in Management Employee group.  We are represented on the Hospital Falls Prevention and Management Committee and have co-ordinated a multi-disiplinary comprehensive falls prevention and Management education session that is rolled out weekly for patients and carers.

The physiotherapy department has a strong emphasis on service development and is currently piloting a number of quality improvement initiatives such as a personalised rehabilitation information folder for patients which aims to facilitate goal setting, to advise on management of presenting conditions and to provide discharge information and advice.







 The Physiotherapists also have a keen interest in fraility screening, a key recommendation of the National Clinical Care Programme for Older People and in 2016 collected and collated data to compile a Hospital Fraility Register to benchmark our service and resources. A follow on pilot study to assess the association between fraility, length of stay and discharge destination has been accepted for platform presentation at the Irish Gerontological Society Conference, 2017.

We facilitate clinical placements for undergratduate physiotherapy students from Trinity College Dublin and The Royal College of Surgeoons Ireland. 

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